Top panoramic views in Rome  

Getting lost in Rome’s historic streets, walking among the ancient ruins is surely an unforgettable experience, but how about admiring the Italian Capital from up high, were with a single glance, the entire historic center and beyond, up to the near “Castelli Romani” can be seen? Or, maybe, you are just looking for a view from a different perspective just to catch particular details of monuments otherwise very difficult to see. Whatever the reason, Rome offers panoramic spots, each with his own peculiarities, where you can enjoy the essence of many splendid views:

From this hill, located on the right bank of the Tiber River, from the viewing spot by the “Garibaldi” statue, you can admire fascinating parts of the historic center.
From the Quadrighe terrace, located atop of the Vittoriano complex, you can experience a truly breathtaking scenery. Two panoramic elevators, officially opened in 2007, allow reaching the higher point of the complex, from where it is possible to admire a 360° birdeye view of the “Eternal City”.
The view ranges from the magnificient Colosseum and Fori Imperiali to the churches of the historic center; from the Tiber river to the Ghetto ebraico; from Campidoglio square to the Quirinale, and from the modern EUR neighborhood to the characteristic Castelli Romani.

From here, on the splendid Terrace of Napoleon I square, everyone can appreciate one of the most beautiful views in the world where nobody can remain immune to the magical scenery offered by large part of the historic center (including St. Peter Basilica and St. Angelo Castle), and where the most stricking sunsets can also be observed.

Atop one of the most elegant hills of the city of Rome, (l’ Aventino), between the medieval walls, ruins of the ancient fortress of the Savelli family, there is Parco Savello (aka Giardino degli Aranci), a relatively small rectangular garden. From here it is possible to enjoy a marvellous view of Rome from the Tiber bight to St. Peter Basilica.

It is necessary to climb 537 steps of the long spiral stairs, called “lumaca di Sant’Andrea”, before arriving at the panoramic external gallery of the St. Peter Dome. From here it is possible to admire Rome at 360°: the monuments, the villas, the gardens, the Tiber, and the further away Colli Albani.


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